Easilocks human hair extensions is a revolutionary human hair enhancement system that uses only the finest 100% human remy hair which is ethically sourced globally.

The human hair is attached with microscopic sized copper cylinders called Easilocks. Easilocks are made of soft copper which is kind to both hair and scalp as it does not rust or corrode when exposed to water. Easilocks are about the size of the back of an earring and are virtually undetectable to see and touch in the hair allowing limitless creatvity and effortless glamour every single time!

Easilocks was established in 2009 and has taken the european market by storm transforming the looks of the hottest celebrities in recent years and is a MUST HAVE for that complete A-LIST red carpet look!

Simple Application

Easitape Hair Extensions Application

Easitape Hair Extensions are hand made flat mini-wefts with medical grade tape tabs designed to attach to the natural hair. The medical grade tape is safe for skin, scalp and hair, it is incredibly strong and waterproof. Easitape lay flat to your scalp comfortably and are very versatile. Easitape can be worn for 1-2 months and are removed easily, damage free. Easitape can be re-applied using replacement tape tabs.

The Celebrity Range